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Science is just an opinion

So the title of this is deliberately meant to annoy you. I don’t believe it but I amĀ  shocked by the number of people who seem to hold this believe as a truth. Just because someone cannot understand the underlying principles behind a scientific theory means they dismiss it as false or just an opinion. Take climate change for example, this has become a political issue seen as an opinion based on which side of the political divide you fall on. If you take a few moments to really examine the science and more importantly the long list of scientific alumni gathered on one side of the debate you wonder how people can fall into the trap of making the issue political. Of course there are vested interests who want to ensure that they maintain peak profitability by denying any human link but they are a small minority. They spend enough to make them a majority opinion though and there we have the real problem with modern science. If you are rich enough then you can change reality. This is what is happening with scientific review at the moment though, there are sources who are clearly in the pay of whichever corporation drives a dump truck full of money to their door. That is terrible news for the layman and society in general.

Scientific fact should not become a political opinion and it is incredibly dangerous to obfuscate the truth so badly. It also makes it more and more difficult to clearly explain and demonstrate any new breakthrough to people with only a passing interest. Climate change is only the tip of the iceberg, if you will pardon the pun. This is something that garners headlines all around the world and something similar is fracking. This is quite clearly a dangerous method of extraction and causes untold damage, but holding that opinion makes me a liberal scaremonger. Similarly with genetically modified crops, do we really know the dangers of introducing a new type of crop into an eco system. Is it safe to have a crop that is engineered to only yield a crop once? Is there any guarantee that it cannot cross pollinate with any flora or fauna?

I love science, it is what has driven humanity forward throughout time from the very first person to discover that cracking flint causes a spark right up to the incredible images being sent back from the Hubble telescope or the Mars Rover. It still blows my mind that the Voyager has now passed beyond the edge of our solar system. Something created by our strange and angry species has sent us pictures back from the very edge of our domain. There is a robot on Mars sending us a vast array of fascinating data about the formation and history of that planet. We are an amazing species and science is one of the greatest areas of achievement for us. It really is what separates us from the animals, our ability to design and manufacture great buildings, terrible weapons, amazing space projects and revolutionary medicines. These people who have expanded our mind and furthered our knowledge of our universe deserve more respect than to be lumped in with a paid shill churning out whatever their paymaster wants to hear.