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It’s alive

Well my whole family has been struck with the flu, which is not a particularly big deal but when you have 2 small children becomes a horrendous chase of runny noses and annoyed children. Thankfully we seem to be over it and I can get back to my periodic blogging. I am into double figures in terms of sales now which obviously is not impressive but makes me pretty happy!

While the subject of illness came up I had to delay my sons vaccine because he was ill and it really made me wonder about why people decide not to vaccinate their kids. I have read about the arguments of course and the risk that there are but it strikes me as odd that people can be so irresponsible to others in society. If you plan to home school your children then fine, no one can argue with your stance, flawed though it may be. But how can you endanger other children based upon your own beliefs. There has been a constant struggle to eliminate many illnesses through vaccinations and it has proven to be incredible successful. As a parent I am really quite baffled that people would not only risk infection for their child but also the health of other children that they interact with.

I have to say it is not something that occupies a lot of my time but when you have a trip to the doctor with an upset child it is really quite depressing. My kids are still very young and don’t understand why they feel bad so it leaves you pretty powerless to try and explain to them what is going on. Also my eldest seems to have developed a real fear of the doctor now, he is fine up until the point we go into the room when the waterworks start. Smart little boy though I guess he remembers that is where they injected him last time. He is probably making his own political protest about vaccinations. Based largely on not enjoying the needle though I guess. It is nice to have them sleeping through the night again though, there is nothing more sad than a little baby waking up really upset and scratching at his nose because he is blocked up. Also gives me a chance to catch up on my reading, which is going to be the subject of tomorrows blog. What are you reading at the moment? Let me know.


The dad gaming dilemna

Well I am now a dad of 2 young boys and my free time to play games has completely disappeared. Not that I really begrudge it because the problem I find now is that when I actually do get a spare minute to try and give it a go my suspension of belief is seriously wanting. I will admit to beasting GTA V for quite a while and enjoying every murderous minute of it. This is the exception that proves the rule though really because very few people are producing the quality content that Rockstar are. I guess it is a part of getting older but at 34 I dont feel quite ready to give up the ghost with gaming. As my kids get older I guess I will get into the sports games with them but in the mean time I have let almost everything since GTA pass me by. Was Watch Dogs great? Destiny? There have been a conveyor belt of games that previously I would have been ripping open on release date with 2 litres of pepsi and a family sized bag of cheetos. Now though I have not even read a review bar the occasional trailer on youtube.

I guess it is not really a problem, and if you are looking for tiring entertainment then I would definitely recommend having kids. Mentally and physically exhausted are a polite terms to describe the state I am in! I used to find it difficult to get to sleep but now I find myself gradually slipping down the sofa before 9pm. I have also changed my habits to actually playing mobile games, which is something that just confused me previously. I still would not dream of paying for any mobile content, case in point being the game I am currently playing. Star wars commander has kept my attention in so much as it required almost no attention at all, but I dont understand why people would sink money into a game that offers the actual game content for free. You are paying to level up, as others do in any of these farming/builder games. My attention is waning though and were it not for the Star Wars brand I would be long gone. The sad truth with mobile games is that I play more solitaire than anything else, that and tangrams.

I do miss that feeling of total immersion though and perhaps that came from being younger, more single and more totally obsessed with the games. I started on the Master System with my brother when we were just little kids and graduates to a SNES not too long after. We actually wore out the pads from overuse in our quest to master Mario Kart. I think my favourite gaming memory though is probably Mass Effect, as a paid up Sci-Fi fanboy I have to say that this was the game I had been waiting my whole life for. I love the first two of these games and am delighted someone took the time and effort to provide such a beautifully crafted story and immersive experience. The ending was a total let down obviously, but it does not detract from an amazing memory of leading my team on a mission through space to save humanity. It is games like this that make it harder to play games anymore though. They are so good the collection of average, poorly designed and scripted games stand out in comparison. I will leave you with the best single game, Red Dead Redemption. Wow.

Thanks for reading if you made it through to the end and leave a comment if you feel the desire grow. I have actually managed to sell a few books on Amazon for anyone who tuned into the first blog I wrote. I logged in and was as surprised as anyone to see that someone had paid real money for something I created. Thank you, whoever you are. Please know it means a great deal and if you by chance end up here then let me know who you are.