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Greetings and salutations world, my name is SDZ Whitaker and after much toil and the occasional bead of sweat I have finally finished my first book. It is a Sci-Fi novel set 200 years in the future. It turns out aliens did land at Roswell in 1947 and that is where the 2147 title comes from. The world has broken up into 6 factions based mostly along geographic lines and the story revolves around the shadowy remnants of the CIA who are the only ones in contact with the alien race. That is all about to change though as Dr. Edgar Drake has finally cracked light speed travel and is in the process of building a ship. Once they get to the edge of the solar system they will find the aliens waiting for them. The question is after 200 years of waiting, what are their intentions?

The book is up on Amazon and if anyone could take the time to read it and review it then you would have the eternal gratitude of a man who wants nothing more than to give up the rat race to sit at home in his pants and write about day dreams. A worthy aspiration but in the mean time I suppose the grind of daily drudgery must continue. I will be updating this blog about anything and everything that pops into my mind from the struggles of being an anonymous author to what is annoying me about the world today. I am mildly obsessed with politics so I am sure reviews of the current state of affairs in whichever country pops into my head will feature fairly frequently.

In the meantime if you read this then please leave a comment, even if it is to question the small modicum of ability that I have. Anything and everything is welcome.