Book Review – Tokyo Vice: An American Reporter On The Police Beat In Japan by Jake Adelstein

This is a fascinating insight into journalism in Japan. The author spent long years working from the bottom of the industry to gain respect and contacts. The narrative is very tight and really compelling giving the reader a look into a secretive boys club that rarely if ever gets exposure.

If you are a budding journalist then this would be a good book to read to expose you to industry practices in different countries. It clearly demonstrates the different standards that were expected from reporters in Japan before internet coverage became the norm. The fact that the author managed to become embroiled in a story with the Yakuza only makes it easier to read.

I heartily recommend this book to anyone who takes a passing interest in non-fiction books because it is fast paced and fascinating. There are few if any books about this area of Japanese culture and this book is extremely well written and I flew through it.

Has anyone else read this? I am heading back into fiction again for my next book and will get another review posted when I find the time amidst life happening around me!


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